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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for The Exorcist: Legion VR. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[edit | edit source]

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Walkthroughs[edit | edit source]

Break Room

The game begins in the “break room” of a Police Department. You should learn how to open and close the menu system as well as explore various game options including movement, interaction, and language settings. Take as long as you need. When you’re ready to proceed, leave the room via the door marked “Exit”.


You arrive at the coffee machine at the police department. From here, you can explore the rest of the precinct, including the evidence room and your office. The evidence room will populate with new items after each chapter.


Your office is the location where each chapter can be launched. At the end of each chapter certain items appear on your office desk, so keep make sure to keep an eye out for special items once you return to the station.

To Launch Chapter 1, hover your hand over the “Chapter 1” label on your office case board. You should hear the dispatcher calling you over the police radio. Pick up the radio and press the interaction button on your controller to answer.

Chapter 1 - “First Rites”

You will arrive in a church to begin Chapter 1.

Go to the Evidence marker 1. Pick up the case. Your wrist-watch should make a sound and an exclamation point will appear on your wristwatch. Also, the controller will vibrate indicating you can press the menu button and send the item to your inventory- in this case, the empty exorcism kit.

Go to Evidence marker 2. Open the door to the confessional. The priest is holding an item, the Bee's Oil lamp. It's basically a flashlight. If it runs out of oil, it will automatically refill and you can tell its level by looking at the meter on the side. At any rate, take the item.

Go to Evidence marker 3, just to have a look.

Go through the side passage near the candle and enter the back office.

Go to Evidence marker 4 immediately to your left inside the door. Pick up the item, holy water. Even if you drop it, it's automatically added to your inventory. You'll get two in your case, and when you use one after a moment or two you'll get a replacement. Basically, you get an unlimited supply.

Go to the statue. This contains an artifact. You need it for 100% completion. There's a placard with four verses. Each verse is actually a hint on how to turn the statue. If you look at the base of the statue, you'll notice an "N" at the bottom. That stands for "North." If you know the four points on a compass, you'll know the other three, unmarked directions, although the "compass" directions are upside-down. Otherwise, N (north) is down, south is up, east is left, and west is right. The first line references the breaking dawn. That is, the sun rises in the east, so turn the statue to the east (your left). You'll hear a clicking sound. If you messed up, you'd hear a different sound to let you know that you have to start all over. The second line references looking away, so turn the statue in the opposite direction to the west, or to the far right. It doesn't matter which way you turn it as long as it's the completely opposite direction. The third line references turning left, so turn the statute left to face south, or up. Make sure to turn the statue only to the left and not to the right even though you can put it in the same place that way, ultimately. Follow the poem's directions, which flat-out says "left." Lastly, the fourth line references looking at Jesus wearing his crown of thorns. Well, He was crucified and as such he would be above you. In other words, turn the statue toward the north. Long story short: east, west, south, north. Alternatively, left, 180 degree turn to opposite right, 90 degree turn to the left (do not turn to the right) to go up, 180 degree turn to down. The statue will rise and you can reach in and get the artifact, which is an upgrade to the holy water.

Go to marker 5. At the priest's desk, pick up his journal. This will be added to your non-case inventory, like the cell phone. Play the tape to learn that there is a hidden place in the office. Crouch and hit the red button under his desk. This will cause something to unlock.

First, go to marker 6. Pick up the salt spray and add it to your inventory.

Go to marker 7, below the newly unlocked painting. Open the painting all the way and there are two more tapes you can play which give backstory on other cases the priest was investigating. There's also an empty box from Italy and a crucifix behind it. Take it. It will be added to your inventory.

PSVR Pro tip: Hold triangle on your left Move controller until the case/inventory opens all the way to reveal whatever item you want to use. It's the quickest way to access your inventory.

You can leave to the main hallway you were in earlier. You'll want to check out the statue, use the crucifix until your Move controller vibrates, shine light on the stage area, etc. You're making progress when you see items fall or shoot out, a black statue on the lit-up stage, and in at least two or three spots the priest with a pig's head. That's when you'll get talked to and you'll face the demon that's out there somewhere in the pews.

You return to the police station. Back at the station, open the box on your desk and learn to use the crucifix on the amulet until it is purged of an evil presence.

Chapter 2 - “Idle Hands”

From the precinct case board, launch Chapter 2. You’ll arrive at a hospital security office. You’ll hear a buzzing, like a call box. Turn to your right and hit the button to hear a message from the doctor on duty. Go to the far table that has two photographs and a book. Pick up each item, but ultimately carry the picture with letters and numbers over to the table closest to where you started. Pick up the various items and pictures. There is another picture with letters and numbers. Put the two pictures together because they are directions to a new artifact. The brief case opens up into a chess board, which contains the artifact. You may not know the game of chess, and that's ok. Look carefully and you can see that the columns and rows are either numbered or lettered. (The columns are lettered. The rows are numbered.) In order, the pictures show A6, C1, D2, F4. A6, or the top of the left column, is for the bishop, which is a taller piece with kind of a domed top. The tallest piece, the king, has a cross for the top, and that piece goes in C1, or the bottom of the third column. The smallest piece, the pawn, goes in D2, just to the right of the king but up one. And the castle-looking piece, the rook, goes in F4, the far right column and up four spaces. The chess board raises and you get an upgrade for your Bee's oil, which now seems to be brighter and/or last longer, as a kind of flashlight.

Go to the back table against the wall. Pick up the book nearest the monitor of the prisoner/patient, and watch the monitor. A demonic voice is followed by the light going out. Go to the left door and look through it at the prisoner/patient behind a far door. Now you can go back to the button on the wall where you started the chapter and press it. It will make the light above the door you were just at turn green, so you can go through it to the prisoner/patient.

You'll be walking through long corridors, but it's fairly straightforward. When fire rises just in front of you (two times), use the holy water and drop it on the fire. When you get to the demonic hands sticking out of the walls, notice that there are two on the right wall, but there are also hands on the left wall and on the ceiling. So if you want the trophy, you should first crouch before proceeding and then teleport around the hands. Do not teleport through the hands because when you do you technically walk through them. So just plan your teleports diagonally to avoid walking into or through any hands. You can open the door at the end and stand up.

For the rest, just rely on the crucifix for the win.

Back at the police station, you can insert the c.d. on the desk into the c.d. player near the filing cabinet (the one closest to the door) and then press play on the device (for a trophy). You can put the recording on the other machine, and it will play audio, too. But you'll probably have to completely listen to one before you can play the other. Don't forget to push play if you must.

Chapter 3 - “Skin Deep”

The globe in the area contains the artifact. You'll want to grip the golden rim around it and move the rim to the left. There are three main segments to align, and you'll do them one at a time. If you look at the sun, you'll be able to line up the sun properly with the dark part of its face that's missing the other half, for the first segment. Easy. I believe the "S," or south, will be ultimately how you'd expect it to line up, at the bottom of the sun. Make sure you hear a click to signify correctness and completeness. Then, rotate that rim again for the next piece and it shouldn't be too tough to get it aligned and to hear a good click. You can always keep rotating left and it will eventually work. The last piece is a little trickier as constellations may not be your thing, but just keep rotating carefully and eventually you'll get the final click. The top will raise slightly for you to pull up and get a salt upgrade for the salt spray.

Up the stairs, you'll want to open the doll house. There's a doll piece near the top-left to pick up. You'll hear an audio conversation to know you're progressing. There's a nursery book to the left of the baby's crib to open. There's a little green stuffed animal to pick up and put down on the floor near that book. You'll need to examine the shelf with the blocks by chapter end a couple of times. It's pretty dark, so use the Bee's oil. When blocks get thrown down, that's probably when you'll want to investigate. Inside the closet is a picture of the mom to see (and hear). Back at the doll's house, it's either before or after the bathroom events, you'll need to pick up a prescription bottle to get new audio and progress. (These are all the little things you'll need to do to advance, or you'll just keep going around and around not knowing what to do next to advance.) In the bathroom, which is (if you're facing it) to the left of the door you came in, there is a pregnancy test on the toilet to pick up. It's kinda hard to see because it's translucent. Your head light goes out, so you'll need to use the Bee's Oil to see it and pick it up. After you've done all these various things (did you notice some blocks that fall on the ground near the doll's house spell out M-I-N-E?), it may be one more look at the crib where the baby has disappeared before the demon will speak up.

Go into the closet and a secret door will open. Check out whatever you feel like, but you'll go to the darkened area, use the Bee's Oil, and watch the door scene. Once over, go through the door and you're back in the bathroom. You can pick up the razors if you like.

Back in the main room, use the crucifix on the mirror. It will be taken from you. Teleport at the mirror. It won't quite let you put your teleport landing location in the mirror, so just blindly point it at the mirror and execute the teleport. You'll then crouch and pick up your crucifix. You won't need anything else in your inventory.

Teleport through the mannequins and turn to the right to see one with a snake slithering around it. Shine the crucifix on the snake until it dissolves. Around the corner to the left, do it again. Around the corner and to the baby's crib. Do it again. Turn behind you and you'll face the mirror.

From the mirror on the ground, snakes will slither at you and try to get to the baby. Probably two to start. But also be aware that there may be some snakes that try to slip by you on the right and left walls, so keep a lookout, just in case. Don't give up shining the crucifix and before no time enough will be dissolved for you to get the trophy of not letting snakes reach the baby.

Back at the police stations, there's a passport to check out, and you can go to the evidence room and see stuff you've discovered in each chapter.

Also, the pea soup can (for a trophy) is near the chair but on the nearby shelf, but at a very awkward angle.

Chapter 4 - “Samaritan”

A camera sits on the counter near the far wall. It has 10 pictures to scroll through. Lift the counter to get to the other side. On the counter is a tall brown object with a figurine on top. It contains the artifact. It's a music box. There are five pieces that can be rotated. Point your finger at it until you see a red laser - that's how you know you can click a piece to rotate it. You'll notice pieces have lines and all (but one) have a small square design. The top piece that you can move (below the piece with the cross, which doesn't move) has a square design. That side should face to the right from where you're standing (on the other side of the counter, not the open area). The bottom two pieces above the Star of David piece, which doesn't move, should both have square designs. Face them towards the far wall. To double-check your work, note that the Star of David piece has three lines on it. The piece immediately above it can line up each of those three lines. So, you should have the top piece (piece 1) and the bottom two pieces (pieces 4 and 5) solved. Piece 3, the middle piece, has a square design on it. Make it face left. That leaves Piece 2, which you can just rotate until the music box plays, the figurine rises, and the Divine Bronze - a cross inlay - is revealed. You have the artifact.

Go through the sliding door. At the end of the hallway is breakable glass. Use the frying pan instead of the hammer for a trophy. The gate opens automatically after you've broken the glass. Teleport to the end of the board near the ladder. Grasp the ladder, and the screen fades to black. You'll hear climbing sounds, kind of like an early Resident Evil game.

In the new area, feel free to pick stuff up and put them down. You'll want to go to the back room. Slide the door open. There are some papers to pick up and read to your right. There's a dictaphone that the corpse is holding. Pick it up and use the trigger on your Move controller to play it. When it finishes, the audio will tell you the power is low. You can recharge it soon to hear more messages. To the left of the corpse is a power box. Open it and pull the lever to restore power to the elevator and other objects.

Head back to the computer area. Right in front of the computer is a recharging station where you can put the dictaphone and hear the rest of the messages. You can click on the computer to see three different pages about various research. Then, you can click to see the workers. These are the same people whose names were written on the counter as "dead," in the very first area. Of course, one name wasn't written - Finch, yet his picture was on the wall. He was alive. The system still thinks he's alive. Only print and scan Finch's ID card. You get a trophy. The elevator activates. Get in and press the bottom button.

Long hallway next with some shifting as you move down it. If you suffer from motion sickness, beware. It's over quickly enough.

Final room. Teleport to the back. Go right. Use salt spray on the corpse's face. An entity will flee it. Head back to the doors. They're blocked, but a corpse will sit up. The corpses levitate, circling you. Keep facing the doors. When they stop, spray the face of the one on the right with its eyes open. Next, spray the one to the left of it. Face the opposite way.

The corpses circle you again. Spray the one in front of you. Now face the demon. It lifts objects above its head to throw at you. You must duck or dodge successfully three times. The demon has a tell. It will lift its head straight and close its mouth when it's about to throw. Duck low to avoid getting hit. There's a trophy for not getting hit. Then, use your cross to finish the job.

At the police station, there's a video cassette to play at the TV/VCR.

Chapter 5- “The Tomb”

Pick up the torch. Go to the cliff's edge. Turn left and move along the ledge. In the new area, you want to move toward the abyss. There's a shadowed path across it that you need to go across. Beams of light from the ceiling/wall kinda point to it if you're having trouble seeing it. Think Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Next, keep toward the right until you run into a pulley and door. Pull the rope to lift the door (all the way).

Proceed ahead to the hub. There are three paths. Two are closed. Go into the left opening, beneath a cross. To avoid dead ends, when faced with a choice, here are the choices you should make: 1) face a wall ("Wrath" written on it) - left, 2) ceiling crumbling - left, 3) blank wall - right. Ahead is light. Pull out the bee's oil before you go to the light, if you want a trophy for "no hints." You're doing this before a hint gets forced on you. Use the bee's oil at the end to reveal a hidden path. Follow the path. One last choice: 4) Fork in the path - left. This brings you back to the hub.

Go straight through the middle opening, beneath the picture of Jesus Christ. Choices... 1) Straight (not right) ("Your God isn't down here" voice), 2) wall ("God Is Sin" writing) - left, 3/4/5) altar with blood - quick right then a quick left, then a right, 6) pass a wall on your left ("No Way Out" writing) and when given a fork - left, 7) left again to see a door. Prime bee's oil before approaching the door, as the torch extinguishes. Inside, teleport around to make the illusion change. When you see the crucified man on fire, use vials of holy water. Prime bee's oil when you exit to quickly get to the torch on a wall. Take it. At what seems like a fork, go right. If you had looked left with your torch, there wasn't really a chance to go left. 8) Final fork - right to get back to the hub. Once there, take the final opened path, the right opening.

At the first meaningful choice - right. You'll see a lit figure that then disappears in the distance, so for the next two choices keep straight at what you'd seen - go straight (not left), then go straight (not left) again. You'll pass a wall with "No Way Out" writing, then go left. See a picture to your left, then at the next choice go right. See "He Is Risen" on the wall - left. Left again. Right to a room with a green light. Before entering, pull out the salt spray to avoid a hint. Spray dead priest's face. Turn around. Teleport to the wall. Turn around to see paranormal. Turn around. Turn around again to see more paranormal. Turn around and go for the doorknob. Turn around to get rushed by paranormal. Exit through the door. Get the torch. Go straight (not right). Final choice - right. You're back in the hub. Finally, go to the rope. There's a hole now. Grab the rope to descend down the hole.

Get on the raft. A torch will light up. Grab at it if it isn't working. Pull yourself along the rope. Crouch to avoid two stalactites. At the end, either stairs is fine, but I go right. Go straight/right, then wind around the hill, going left. Soon you'll see handholds for climbing up rock. Grab one to transport to the top. Drop holy water vials in the strange fire.

The final boss is Pazuzu. It's pitch black. So turn to get it started. Turn to his voice. When the lights come on, ready your cross. Turn to his voice. He climbs a column then the column to the left. After he leaps left to a third column - don't look down! (He crawls around the edge of the platform you're standing on.) Then it's columns until you finish him. He leaps at you twice, but you can't dodge. Cross. After you burn him up, he grabs you. You float up toward the ceiling. Use the cross to aim at the cracks lit in the ceiling to win. Pazuzu falls below you as you gently float back down to the platform. And yes, the snake in him was evidently made to go through his crotch and give him the appearance of having, well...

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